Series overviewEdit

To date, ten series have been broadcast, as summarised below.

     Contestant in (or mentor of) "Boys" category
     Contestant in (or mentor of) "Girls" category
     Contestant in (or mentor of) "Over 25s" or category
     Contestant in (or mentor of) "Groups" category

Season Start Finish Winner Runner-up Third place Winning mentor Presenter(s) Main judges
One 20 August 2005 17 December 2005 Jessi Elliott Anita Reynolds Daniel Mangano Demi Lovato Mario Lopez Simon Cowell
Demi Lovato
L.A. Reid
Britney Spears
Two 19 August 2006 16 December 2006 Will Champlin K.J. Bartley Saravia & Knox Demi Lovato
Three 18 August 2007 15 December 2007 Scott Smith Kara Westgate Tanner Lawton L.A. Reid
Four 16 August 2008 13 December 2008 Third Degree Vance Kyle Ashton Samuels Justin Timberlake Mary J. Blige
Kelly Rowland
Ryan Tedder
Justin Timberlake
Five 22 August 2009 13 December 2009 Matthew James Dorsey Lauren McLaughlin Audra Marten Justin Timberlake
Six 21 August 2010 12 December 2010 Drew Michalec Ryan McGee Josh Cameron Justin Timberlake
Seven 20 August 2011 11 December 2011 Ryan Matney Brett Stephenson Alli Davison Avril Lavigne Sara Barielles
Avril Lavigne
Adam Levine
Eight 18 August 2012 9 December 2012 Colby John Harris The Boundary Taylor Lamphere Redfoo
Nine 31 August 2013 15 December 2013 Ashlin & Kaitlin Chrissy Navarro Meghan Shipman Sara Bareilles

Series placements Edit

Season 1 Edit

16th: The Ex-Girlfriends (Groups)
15th: Black Moon Band (Groups)
14th: Ilse Ungar (Girls)
13th: Davina McNicholas (Girls)
12th: The Jamaican Brothers (Groups)
11th: TT Johnson (Boys)
10th: Carter Jack Manning (Boys)
9th: Andrea Alexandre (Over 25s)
8th: Chad Rivera (Boys)
7th: Audrey Mettler (Girls)
6th: Drew DiStefano (Over 25s)
5th: The Uptown (Groups)
4th: Josh Robertson (Over 25s)
3rd: Daniel Mangano (Boys)
Runner Up: Anita Reynolds (Over 25s)
Winner: Jessi Elliott (Girls)

Season 2 Edit

16th: Street Corner Symphony (Groups)
15th: Emeline & Rosella (Groups)
14th: The Butler Twins (Groups)
13th: Rebekah Samarin (Girls)
12th: Alina Redmond (Over 25s)
11th: Arielle Lakes (Girls)
10th: Ry Kamitani (Boys)
9th: Chris Cruz (Over 25s)
8th: Nikia Nava (Girls)
7th: Cassie Collins (Over 25s)
6th: Todd Sebastian Myers (Boys)
5th: Sam Callahan (Boys)
4th: Jessa Janicki (Girls)
3rd: Saravia & Knox (Groups)
Runner Up: K.J. Bartley (Boys)
Winner: Will Champlin (Over 25s)

Season 3 Edit

16th: Cass Manning (Girls)
15th: Oliver Justice (Boys)
14th: Bass Cannon (Groups)
13th: Julia Richardson (Over 25s)
12th: Colleen Dahlquist (Over 25s)
11th: Brandon Wright (Boys)
10th: MK2 (Groups)
9th: Giuseppe Sergio Trevisani (Over 25s)
8th: Border Patrol (Groups)
7th: Rich Ray (Over 25s)
6th: Kelsey McCoy (Girls)
5th: Meghan & Jean-Paul (Groups)
4th: Maggie Armstrong (Girls)
3rd: Tanner Lawton (Boys)
Runner Up: Kara Westgate (Girls)
Winner: Scott Smith (Boys)

Season 4 Edit

16th: Beth Drennan (Girls)
15th: Diva Fever (Groups)
14th: Jessica Edwards (Girls)
13th: Jeremiah Dempsey (Boys)
12th: Neil Wendland (Boys)
11th: Chelsey Vaughn (Girls)
10th: Justina Gillian (Over 25s)
9th: Phil Dalton (Over 25s)
8th: The Weekend (Groups)
7th: Mike McVay (Boys)
6th: Christa Durbin (Over 25s)
5th: Matt Johnson (Boys)
4th: Jacqui & Madi (Groups)
3rd: Ashton Samuels (Girls)
Runner Up: Vance Kyle (Over 25s)
Winner: Third Degree (Groups)

Season 5 Edit

16th: The Sisters (Groups)
15th: The Irish Tenors (Groups)
14th: The Nightbox (Groups)
13th: The Uniques (Groups)
12th: Janae Clarke (Over 25s)
11th: Jamie McKeehan (Boys)
10th: Matt Tatum (Boys)
9th: Constantine (Over 25s)
8th: Taylor Jared Cloyd (Boys)
7th: Kelley Whitley (Girls)
6th: Amanda Lawson (Girls)
5th: James Levine (Boys)
4th: Grant Randolph (Over 25s)
3rd: Audra Marten (Girls)
Runner Up: Lauren McLaughlin (Girls)
Winner: Matthew James Dorsey (Over 25s)

Season 6 Edit

16th: Josephine & David (Groups)
15th: Mara Taylor (Girls)
14th: Mitch Ellington (Over 25s)
13th: Ghost Syndrome (Groups)
12th: Aliza Alkire (Girls)
11th: Kina Burke (Girls)
10th: Mallory Charles (Over 25s)
9th: Royal Ensemble (Groups)
8th: Brent Berman (Boys)
7th: Julee Jorgenson (Over 25s)
6th: Lucas Edward Roesler (Over 25s)
5th: Velvet Quartet (Groups)
4th: Madison McDaniel (Girls)
3rd: Josh Cameron (Boys)
Runner Up: Ryan McGee (Boys)
Winner: Drew Michalec (Boys)

Season 7 Edit

16th: Hannah Sussman (Over 25s)
15th: Margate (Groups)
14th: Isela Christine Klos (Girls)
13th: 7Teen (Groups)
12th: Ryan Madison (Over 25s)
11th: Meghann Francis (Girls)
10th: Stereo6 (Groups)
9th: Blake David Steele (Over 25s)
8th: Gl'Amour (Groups)
7th: Chris Young (Boys)
6th: John Wesley James (Boys)
5th: Lauren Platt (Over 25s)
4th: Jill Turner (Girls)
3rd: Alli Davison (Girls)
Runner Up: Brett Stephenson (Boys)
Winner: Ryan Matney (Boys)

Season 8 Edit

16th: Christiana Louque (Girls)
15th: Randy Whitley (Over 25s)
14th:Kasey Authement (Girls)
13th:Marcus Wesley (Over 25s)
12th:Joe Wolfe (Over 25s)
11th:Sia Smithson (Girls)
10th:Peyton Maxwell (Boys)
9th:Tanner Maynard (Boys)
8th:Bad Meets Evil (Groups)
7th:Kelli Hutchinson (Over 25s)
6th:The Riots (Groups)
5th:The Starlets (Groups)
4th:Ric Calhoun (Boys)
3rd: Taylor Lamphere (Girls)
Runner Up:The Boundary (Groups)
Winner: Colby John Harris (Boys)

Season 9 Edit

16th: Brock Linhart (Over 25s)
15th:Jon Fox (Boys)
14th:Kat Monaco (Girls)
13th:Jessica Serrano (Girls)
12th:Wyatt Manning (Boys)
11th:Sierra (Groups)
10th:Dallas Gallagher (Over 25s)
9th:Shane Lewis (Boys)
8th:Crash the System! (Groups)
7th:Katie Bledsoe (Over 25s)
6th:Carlyn Gowers (Over 25s)
5th:Jeremy McCartney (Boys)
4th: Urdu (Groups)
3rd: Meghan Shipman (Girls)
Runner Up:Chrissy Navarro (Girls)
Winner: Ashlin & Kaitlin (Groups)