The Voice

Season 1

Broadcast from: April 26, 2011 - June 29, 2011
Judges Adam Levine
Gwen Stefani
Pharrell Williams
Blake Shelton
Host Carson Daly
Broadcaster NBC
Sarah Martin
Origin Birmingham, AL
Song "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
Genre Power pop, pop
Runner Up
Eduardo Esqueda
Next Season 2012 (Spring)

The first season of The Voice, an American reality talent competition, premiered April 26, 2011 on NBC.

On June 29, 2011, Sarah Martin of Team Pharrell was announced as the winner of The Voice, with Eduardo Esqueda of Team Adam as the runner up, and Kristen Nickell of Team Gwen in third place.


The coaches for this season are Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, and Blake Shelton.

The advisors for the Battle rounds are Stevie Nicks for Team Adam, Gavin Rossdale for Team Gwen, Alicia Keys for Team Pharrell, and Little Big Town for Team Blake.


Color key

     Third place
     Eliminated in the Live shows
     Eliminated in the Live playoffs
     Artist was stolen by another coach at the Knockout rounds
     Eliminated in the Knockout rounds
     Artist was stolen by another coach at the Battle rounds
     Eliminated in the Battle rounds


Adam Levine

Gwen Stefani

Artists Eduardo Esqueda Brittney Armstrong Sean Elliott Kristen Nickell Noel Coots Heath Campbell
Jay Leal Mary Cabral Holly Brown Jen Michels RJ Kelly Brittney Armstrong
Max Pratt Katherine Vita Millie Young Joycelyn Villanueva Dewey McCabe Keith Smith
John McMillen Mark Bankston R.J. Kelly Max Pratt Sara Langdon Tammy Foster
Martin Wood Louis Lee Jack Corcoran Anita Parenteau Lena Place Jesse Beauchamp

Pharrell Williams

Blake Shelton

Artists Sarah Martin Mike Nichols Cleora Lingo Kim Hardison Denny Morelii Holly Brown
Max Pratt Rodrigo Dana Alston John McMillen Rachel Van Gilder Kristen Nickell
Sara Langdon Michael Evans Jacquie Brooks Warren Blakeney Mark Bankston Gerard Gardner
Holly Brown Lisa Stroman Hector Mackey Brittney Armstrong Jacquie Brooks Eleanor Carruth
Shawn Kim William Castellanos Madison Roberts Debbie DeStefano Melissa Rosado Brian Franks

Results summary of live shows

Color key
Artist's info

     Artist from Team Adam
     Artist from Team Gwen
     Artist from Team Pharrell
     Artist from Team Blake

Result details

     Third place
     Saved by coach
     Saved by Instant Save (via Twitter)
     Artist advanced by public vote
     Artist was eliminated

Live show results per week
Artist Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Finals
Sarah Martin Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
Eduardo Esqueda Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Runner-up
Kristen Nickell Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Third place
Kim Hardison Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 6)
Noel Coots Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated
Denny Morelli Safe Safe Safe Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 5)
Brittney Armstrong Safe Safe Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 4)
Sean Elliott Safe Safe Safe Eliminated
Holly Brown Safe Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 3)
Mike Nichols Safe Safe Eliminated
Cleora Lingo Safe Eliminated Eliminated (Week 2)
Heath Campbell Safe Eliminated

Jay Leal

Eliminated Eliminated (Week 1)

Jen Michels


John McMillen


Mary Cabral


Max Pratt


Rachel Van Gilder


RJ Kelly